Internship Opportunity

The Jaseng Center for Integrative Medicine’s internship program is currently searching for American pre-medical undergraduate students who are interested in integrative medicine and business operations as an Intern with the Office of International Affairs. We’ve developed an opportunity that offers insight into healthcare, business development, and international affairs to promote the knowledge of Jaseng’s innovative integrative medicine through leading health institutions around the world.

What do Interns Do?

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, reaching out to forerunners in healthcare to help establish Jaseng partnerships and copy-editing English content, among other things. Students should be enthusiastic, work well within a team, and able to not only take initiative to suggest ideas, but also follow through with them. The working language will be English, and qualified applicants should be fluent in English. Internship periods are either a semester, year, or summer term in length on weekdays from 9AM to 6PM.

What We Offer

  • Air fare will be provided
  • Lunch when working in the hospital
  • Guided tour of Herbal medicine dispensary (lunch provided)
  • Shadowing opportunities under Dr. Royer and Dr. Kim in the International Clinic
  • Internship Certification issued by the Jaseng Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Flexible working environment (ie use of cafés permitted for certain jobs)
  • Incentives provided for recommending other applicants if the intern is hired


  • Undergraduate pre-medical science students from the United States
  • Experience with business operations, proofreading, and event planning
  • Native English-speaking fluency
  • Preference for those who can start ASAP and can intern long-term (six months or more)

How to Apply

  • CV in A4 format
  • Proof of enrollment (unofficial transcripts can suffice)
  • Immunization records
  • Cover Letter stating your time commitment, earliest starting day, interest in integrative medicine, future career goals, and specific experiences that are related to business development in healthcare.
  • Rolling admissions process (applicants will be notified of their application status within one week of submission)
  • email to


  • Due to American visa regulations, interns are initially given a three-month term only and must discuss extensions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Interns present a culminating report detailing their projects and achievements on their final day.