What’s New at Jaseng

Continuing to serve in the spirit of “Passion and Compassion”


Jaseng Medical Foundation published the ‘2017 White Paper on Social Contribution’ on medical volunteer services, scholarships and patriotic and veterans services

Jaseng Medical Foundation (JMF) published the ‘White Paper on Social Contribution in 2017’. This includes the last year’s achievements of social contribution activities targeted to elderly, youth and children. JMF has been returning medical profits to society through academic research activities, scholarships and medical volunteer services with the spirit of passion and compassion.

■ About 5,000 people received medical volunteer services

Last year, JMF provided Korean medicine volunteer services in total of 30 times with 324 volunteers, and the number of beneficiaries was 5048. This can be interpreted that medical staff performed medical volunteer service at least twice a month and visited about 420 local people. JMF provided the services mainly in rural area.

In rural area where elderly usually live, they do agriculture and fishing for living and these jobs require high intensity of labor. However, due to the lack of medical institutions, the majority of the elderly allows their diseases to worsen. Especially, people with spinal and joint disorders caused by intense labor have difficulty to move around, so they cannot receive appropriate treatments.

Therefore, JMF medical staff and employees visited rural area, where is blind spot in health system, and provided customized medical consultation and Korean medicine treatments to locals. From 2011 to 2017, the total number of medical service beneficiaries is 36,000 and volunteers are 1,700.

■Sincerity of employees gives dreams and hopes to children

JMF also conducts various social contribution activities such as health campaigns and career experience program for children and adolescents.

One of the programs is the ‘Saving Children’s Spine Health’ which is meaningful as a contribution activity made by the donations of the employees of JMF. This program includes both exercise program for healthy spine and medical support for children from low-income households.

The number of beneficiaries last year was 215 and the amount of donation was 30 million won. From 2011 to 2017, the total number of beneficiaries was 1514 and the total amount of donation was 200 million won. Moreover, JMF received ‘2017 Seoul City Social Contribution Award’ in last November for recognition of the program’s needs and excellence.

■Jaseng scholarship program as a ‘stepping stone’ for global talent of Korean medicine

The scholarship program is a stepping stone for youth from low-income households and delivers hopes to future global talent of Korean medicine. Since 2014, JMF has supported youth from low-income households who are continuing their studies in difficult circumstances to devote themselves to study.

‘Jaseng Giving Hope Scholarship Program’ selects middle and high school students from low-income households in Seoul, Gyeonggi and Chungjeong by recommendation from local district offices and schools. Last year, JMF selected 15 scholarship students and provided 13.5 million won for scholarship. From 2014 to 2017, 55 scholarship students received the total of 66.5 million won.

“Jaseng Global Scholarship Program’ has been implemented since 2014 as part of the Globalization of Korean medicine project. Last year, the 5th global scholarship student was selected and JMF produced the total of 5 global scholarship students so far. JMF provides full tuition fees until graduation, as well as opportunities to participate in overseas short-term studies and academic activities.

In fact, Seyoon Seo, the third global scholarship student, continued his research under the support of JMF and published his study in SCI-level international journal last year.

■ Providing patriotic and veterans services with spirit of “Passion and Compassion”

JMF also carries out volunteer activities at the National Cemetery in honor of the ‘Month of Honorable Veterans”. Last year, the employees of JMF visited the National Cemetery and cleaned gravestones and offered flowers to honor the sacrifices of men of national merit. This activity will continue this year as well.

The reason why JMF is engaged in these volunteer activities could be found out from the spirit of “Passion and Compassion” which is rooted in JMF’s social contribution activities. “Passion and Compassion” is the heritage of Cheongpa Hyun-pyo Shin, father of Joon-Shik Shin, founder of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine and the honorary chairman of JMF.

During his independence movement, Hyun-pyo Shin emphasized compassion for the weak and medical practice that treats disease and people at the same time . Since 1927, he was an independent activist as a member of Daejin team in the Yeongjeong city, Jilin, China and he was jailed at Seodaemun Prison in Kyungsung Province. His spirit of “Passion and Compassion” naturally became the basis of the social contribution activities of JMF.

Byung-mo Park, chairman of JMF, said that “JMF will fulfill the social responsibilities as a non-profit foundation and as medical institution to improve public health of people. Also he said that “JMF will continue to make efforts to devote to the nation and people”


This article translated from K-health newspaper published on May, 10th, 2018.