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Introducing One-stop Integrative Care – Both Korean and Conventional Medical Care are Provided in One Place!








One-stop Integrative Care 

A Place Where Both Korean and Conventional Medical Care are Provided in One Place

Korean and Conventional medicine specialists in the field of spine and joints have come together to provide medical services that are essential for patients, beyond the academic boundaries. Under the leadership of hospital director, 4 ~ 5 medical staffs including Korean rehabilitation medicine specialists, rehabilitation medicine and radiology specialists diagnose the patient’s illness in one place and consult with the patient to establish the optimal treatment plan.


One-stop Integrative Care 

Necessary for the Following Patients

  • Patients who have been recommended for spinal surgery but are looking for alternative treatment options.
  • Patients who have received treatment but still suffer from pain.
  • Elderly patients who consider surgery as burdensome.


One-stop Integrative Care 

  • You can consult with both Korean medicine and conventional medicine doctors in one place
  • Treatment efficacy is heightened from complementary treatment system
  • Minimize unnecessary surgeries by consulting with doctors
  • Reduce cost and time from multiple clinic visits
  • No additional fee for one-stop integrative care


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