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Jaseng Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine Meets the next figure skating star, Cha Junhwan

After having Korean traditional medical care at Jaseng, Cha Junhwan, the next Korean star figure skater, will compete for the first male figure skating medal at the 2018 Pyoengchang Winter Olympics.

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has made an agreement with Mr. Cha for exclusive medical support. Until the 2018 Pyoengchang Winter Olympics, Jaseng Hospital will support Mr. Cha with traditional Korean medicine such as acupuncture, chuna manipulation, and other treatments to prevent injuries and enhance physical strength.

Furthermore, Jaseng Founder Dr.Joon-shik Shin gave Mr.Cha the representative Jaseng herbal medicine “Yookgongdan”.


Mr. Cha has won male figure skating accolades in the 2011 National Winter Sports Festival (NWSF) and has won Male Single Junior in the 2015 Canada Autumn Classic International.

This season, Mr. Cha took First Place in the International Skating Union (IS) Junior Grand-Prix. He is also the very first Korean male figure skater who won a medal in the Marseille Final last December.

In his Jaseng Hospital’s medical support agreement, Mr. Cha expressed that “Jaseng’s systematic care would not only prevent injuries but would also help improve physical status”.


In response, the Honorary President of Jaseng Medical Group Dr. Joon-Shik Shin asserted that “Jaseng will take responsibility for Mr. Cha’s healthcare in order to concentrate on training and to show his best ability through integrated Korean medical treatment. We wish the best of Mr. Cha’s ability in 2018 Pyoengchang Winter Olympics.

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine sincerely supports and wishes for the best of Mr. Cha in 2018 Pyoengchang Winter Olympics!