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Jaseng Medical Foundation Celebrates 100th Grand Rounds Series

On December 2nd, 2018, Jaseng Medical Foundation celebrated its 100th Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds series for standardized, continuing medical education of Korean Medicine doctors employed at the 21 Jaseng branches situated in Korea. Jaseng’s Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds are conducted on a monthly basis to the aim of quality control and improvement in provision of healthcare services by improving the quality of medical care through continuing education and training of its medical personnel, and standardizing its Korean Medicine treatment services.


[사진설명] 자생의료재단 신준식 명예이사장이 100회 한의사 일요교육에서 발언을 하고 있다. - 자생한방병원


Over 200 physicians attended the day-long event held in Seoul, South Korea, which included lectures followed by role-playing of several patient case scenarios. With the theme of ‘Custom-Designed Treatment,’ 3 speakers  lectured on topics pertinent to the importance of individualized diagnosis and treatment plans. ‘Custom-Designed Treatment’ is a patient-oriented medical treatment strategy that designs the direction and composition of noninvasive treatment regimens based on the patient’s individual medical history and examination results.


[사진설명] 자생의료재단 신준식 명예이사장(가운데)과 의료진들이 한의사 일요교육에 참석해 자생 비수술 치료법에 대해 토론하고 있다 - 자생한방병원


In addition, Honorary Chairman Dr. Joon-Shik Shin supervised the Jaseng medical staff in leading role-playing sessions, hands-on acupuncture sessions, and discussions addressing both the strengths and limitations of existing therapies. Through such collective efforts and exchange of opinions on the results of treatment over the course of 100 monthly sessions and applying the acquired knowledge in clinical practice, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine prides itself in its ability to provide patients with standardized treatment and healthcare services.


[사진설명] 자생의료재단 신준식 명예이사장이 100회 한의사 일요교육에서 발언을 하고 있다 - 자생한방병원


Meanwhile, Chuna Manual Therapy, created by Dr. Shin, is anticipated to be covered by the Korean National Health Insurance (NHI) as of March 2019. Once health insurance coverage of Chuna is implemented in March 2019, patients will be able to receive standardized Chuna treatment with health insurance benefits at any of the 21 Jaseng branches located in South Korea.
“I want to thank the medical staff who have worked diligently with me in our efforts to achieve standardization of Korean medicine. I believe that the standardization of Jaseng treatment and Korean medicine through our Grand Rounds series was one of the basic foundations that supported the inclusion of Chuna therapy in insurance coverage,” says Dr. Shin. “There is a growing need and recognition of the need to standardize other Korean medicine treatments also, especially herbal medicine. We will continue to lead the standardization of Korean medical care in the future.”