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Shinsoo Choo of Texas Rangers receives Jaseng treatment before spring camp


On January 25 and 26, Dr. Winston Lee, the representative of Jaseng US network visited Shinsoo Choo’s residence in Arizona for consultation and treatment to prepare for Mr. Choo’s upcoming season.

Mr. Choo asked for Dr. Lee’s care before spring camp after enduring a busy press and media schedule in Korea. Dr. Lee prescribed herbal medication after the consultation and Mr. Choo received Chuna manual manipulation from Dr. Sunhoon Kim. Mr. Choo, in his preparation for spring camp said, “Receiving Jaseng treatment for condition management is a great help”, he added, “I wish other Korean players in the minor league can also benefit from Jaseng treatments as well”.

“Mr. Choo is great in maintaining his physical condition at top level and he gets a perfect score in management of daily lifestyle”, said Dr. Lee following the consultation. Dr. Lee advised, “It is crucial to maintain a good physical condition to prevent injuries especially with a 7 year long-term contract”, “it is recommended to be on herbal medication and seeking medical care on regular basis despite not having any pain or symptoms”, Dr. Lee added.