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Global Entertainer Wonho Chung’s visit to Jaseng

Siblings Wonho Chung and Sencha Chung, celebrities from the Middle East, recently visited Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine.


(Picture from Instagram @Wonhochung)

Wonho Chung is a stand-up comedian, TV presenter, host, entertainer, and actor. He is one of the most popular comedians who is of Korean descent in the Middle East. Sencha Chung, Wonho’s sister and manager, works as a K-beauty show host on ‘Citrus Home Shopping,’ the leading TV home shopping program in the Middle East.


Wonho and Sencha were born from a Korean father and a Vietnamese mother, and are fluent in both Arabic and English. They also have an incredibly international background, having lived in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Jordan, while currently residing in Dubai.


Both Wonho and Sencha visited Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine for treatment: Wonho for his foot, neck and shoulder pain, and Sencha for her neck disc and knee pain.


On the first day of their visit, Wonho and Sencha were put through various examinations, including X-Rays, an MRI, and a DITI, at the Jaseng checkup center.  After a diagnosis was made upon these examinations, they underwent an initial traditional herbal treatment later that day.


Dr. Shin, the founder of Jaseng Medical Foundation and Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, performed the first acupuncture treatment. To their amazement, both Wonho and Sencha noticed an immediate relief of pain.


Wonho remarked, “One of the employees was joking around, saying that the needle was the size of a pen, which scared me. But when Dr. Shin was performing the acupuncture, I could barely feel the needle!”


Dr. Shin then gave them herbal medicine, for direct symptom improvement, as a gift to thank the special guests for visiting all the way from the Middle East. He added that, “Wonho was given a powder-type medication for his foot pain, and pills for his neck and shoulder pain. Sencha was given a decoction and pills to reduce her neck disc and knee joint pain, and to promote cartilage regeneration.”

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During their second and third visit to Jaseng Hospital, the two were put under the care of Dr. Royer, who gave them a more detailed explanation of Jaseng’s treatment methods. Dr. Royer treated them with acupuncture, herbal injection, and Chuna manual therapy. Sencha mentioned that when she heard the Chuna bed making loud noises during Wonho’s Chuna treatment, she thought it was the sound of his joints cracking. However, when it was her turn to receive the Chuna treatment, she was surprised at how gentle and relaxing the treatment was. After only two to three treatment sessions, Wonho had no more problems walking and Sencha’s stiff neck and knee troubles were significantly improved.


The Chung siblings agreed that “it would have been better to stay a little longer and receive additional treatments. It’s unfortunate that our time in Korea was so short.”


When asked about what impressed her the most during her time at Jaseng Hospital, Sencha replied, “The most impressive thing was seeing Western technologies, such as X-Rays and MRI machines, working together with Korean traditional medicine treatments, such as acupuncture. It was surprising to witness both treatment techniques being utilized under one hospital.”


As Wonho was preparing to depart, he shared, “When we go back to the Middle East, we will definitely tell people about our visit to Jaseng Hospital, our experience with Jaseng’s treatment methods, and how effective the treatments are.  We hope that people with back and joint problems will become aware of Jaseng and come to receive treatment.  We hope to share Jaseng with more people and I hope to meet Jaseng’s medical staff in Korea or Dubai in the near future.  Until next time, Ma’a salama!”

wonhochung1(Picture from Instagram @Wonhochung)

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