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Jaseng International Conference 2018. Present and Future of Non-Invasive Treatment for Spine and Joint

Jaseng’s 1st International Conference provided an opportunity to exchange opinions of domestic and foreign experts on the implications and prospects of the inclusion of Chuna manaul therapy in Korean national health insurance, anticipated to be implemented as of late 2018, and to share the collective knowledge on the achievements in the research of musculoskeletal disease […]

Michigan State University HRLR students visit Jaseng Hospital of Korean

16 Michigan State University (MSU) students with Professor James Dulebohn of School of Human Resources and Labor Relations (HRLR) visited Jaseng last Tuesday (May 9th) as part of their annual tour, “Education Abroad to Korea Summer 2018,” to visit Korea’s major companies, including Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine. The event started with introductory meeting, followed […]

“Be assured of receiving safe treatment.” Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine designated as a public relief hospital

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has been designated as a public relief hospital by the Korean government. Public relief hospitals are operated through designation of hospitals that are equipped with infection prevention and control infrastructure that meet national recommendation standards, and segregate respiratory disorder and non-respiratory disorder patient routes to reduce risk of in-hospital infection […]

Cemetery Testimony 3

Whitney Peng Emory College ‘21 Last friday, we paid a visit to the Seoul National Cemetery. It has been a long time since I last visited a cemetery, and it was definitely one of those places that brings up reverence and retrospection. We left at around 8:45 in the morning from the hospital, and together […]

Cemetery Testimony 2

Eva Blake Columbia University ‘20 On Friday, June 21st, the Global Affairs Interns headed to the Seoul National Cemetery to take part in a day of volunteering. Located in the Dongjak region of Seoul, the Seoul National Cemetery was the first National Cemetery in Korea. 165,000 citizens who gave their lives for their country are […]

Cemetery Testimony 1

Hoh Jun Choi Babson College ‘20 On June 21st, me and my fellow interns went to do volunteer work through the Jaseng Foundation Outreach Program to the Korean National Cemetery where the soldiers who lost their lives during the Korean war are memorialized. It was my first time going to the National Cemetery of Korea, […]

Dispensary Tour 5

Hoh Jun Choi Babson College ‘20 I’ve gone to the herbal dispensary on two different occasions, but each time I have gone, I learn something new. I do not have a medical background, nor do I see myself pursuing a future in medicine; however, the production of herbal medication at the Jaseng herbal dispensary and […]

Dispensary Tour 4

Eva Blake Columbia University ‘20 On Thursday, June 13th, the Global Affairs interns traveled to Jaseng’s herbal dispensary. While I’ve had relatively little experience with herbal medication, I had previously observed the care and attention administered by the medical staff at Jaseng hospital. Through this experience, I knew that not only would I learn about […]

Dispensary Tour 3

Lisa Kim As a Korean, I grew up being relatively familiar with the effects of traditional eastern medicine and herbal ingredients. Yet, I was somewhat cynical of how exactly individual medications were concocted and where these ingredients came from. Observing the production of herbal medications from start to finish allowed me to profoundly understand the […]