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Check out our write-up to learn more. One two-cup capacity packable bowl. Everest Base Camp Trekking Gear List: Printer-friendly version (PDF) Everest Base Camp Pre-Trip Planning Physical preparation: The path from Lukla to Everest Base Camp is only about 40 miles long, but you will gain more than 8,000 ft. in elevation as you make your way to Base Camp at 17,598 ft. Pack towel: Medium size, do not bring “terrycloth”, bandanas work in a pinch (Pac Towel). Trekking in the mystical Himalayas is once in a lifetime experience. However, not all rental items are available for pickup in Talkeetna. Plan to wear very little underneath. Hiking pants and/or skirt/sarong: One or two (“Supplex” is good material). Cut pieces of closed cell foam or industrially-crafted pads are both acceptable. Tie about half a meter of line with a carabiner for the fixed ropes. Opportunities for regular showers and doing laundry at Base Camp make it easy to keep clean, but cotton clothing is of little use, because it is difficult to dry. . Everest Gear, Granville, Ohio. Backpack: Top opening mountaineer’s rucksack style is best. Freshly installed batteries plus spare batteries. See here for more. Please note that sizing information provided is used to determine the sizes of items shipped. Over the past few months I have been checking and double-checking my gear to make sure I have what I will need. One insulated outdoor-style mug with a removable lid. Soft-sided, water-resistant duffels are required. It is wise to choose carefully, and not to skimp on quality. – TIPS TO KEEP YOUR SKI/SPLITBOARD PACK LIGHT. Leather-palm construction is always ideal for the sake of durability. Here's our gear list of what you’ll need on Everest. Nose guards are optional, but can be useful for those with extra-sensitive noses in lieu of constant sunscreen application. Available in most hardware stores and drug stores. Insulated, non-technical winter boots for time spent around Base Camp. Bandanna: Two or three traditional cotton style. Washington Rentals: All rental equipment for trips taking place in Washington will be picked up at your gear check. If you are a non-Alpine Ascents climber seeking rental equipment, please inquire, If you wish to learn more about any piece of gear, the online, A printable/downloadable PDF version of the Gear Lexicon may also be accessed, For in-depth articles, pro-tips, and advice on select subjects, check out our, Our experienced staff are happy to speak with you via. We recommend durable three-layer fabric. Black or dark-color gloves are also acceptable. Please bring one set of Aquamira chemical treatment drops as well, in case your Steri-Pen fails. This must fit comfortably over your bare head, hat, and/or balaclava, and your headlamp must be able to strap securely to the outside of the helmet. Here, you'll find our complete Everest Base Camp packing list.It offers detailed information on all the gear you'll need on your trek to the World’s most famous mountain base camp. (The North Face, Mountain Hardwear). Two to three one-liter capacity bottles. Three heavy plastic garbage bags for use as waterproof pack/stuff sack liners. A lightweight climbing-specific helmet. Synthetic insulated pants: Primaloft or Polargard HV fill with full side zips are recommended. In this gallery, we take a look at the equipment Hillary and Norgay used in 1953 and the high-tech gear O'Neill will use to climb the world's tallest … Pee bottle: Two 1 quart (1 liter), leak-proof wide-mouth, one for Base Camp and the other for high camp (Nalgene). If you have any questions or have not heard back from us within three (3) working days, please email [email protected] or call (206) 378-1927 and ask for the Gear Department. As the list is long, we recommend to bookmark this page for … Foam pad: Your sleeping pads stay on the mountain. Second part of the rundown of my kit for the expedition up Everest, south side, IMG Hybrid Team, spring 2016. Please note: This online gear list is only a guide. Sometimes, salespeople in your hometown don’t have first Most items are required. Very lightweight wool or synthetic liner gloves that offer a snug, comfortable fit. Any style of lightweight hat for shading the head will work well. I draw from this list depending on the climb. Used instead of the high-altitude double-boot, this all-in-one integrated boot system is warm enough for use without overboots, and eliminates the need for gaiters. We have suggested some trekking gears and personal check lists. Returns allowed on Sale Items. We recommend bringing a valve repair/body patch kit. A synthetic insulated pant with full-length separating side zips. Incomplete reservations may cause delay or failure to reserve requested items. Avoid super-specialized belay devices which cannot accept a wide variety of rope diameters. We recommend modern steel 12-point crampons with anti-balling plates. Outdoor store / clothing Store Sunscreen: SPF 30 or higher, non-oily (Dermatone or L’Oreal). Excellent for use when conditions are too cold for softshell gloves, but too warm for expedition mittens. The Everest Base Camp trek passes through the land of the Sherpas to the foot of the world’s highest mountain, Sagarmatha, Nepalese for Mount Everest. Gear List In addition to the gear and items below, which are a combination of Madison Mountaineering's recommended Everest gear list and my own, I'll be taking a few things to Everest base camp (EBC) for comfort: jeans, cotton t-shirts & sweatshirts, flannel pajamas and a very thick sleeping mat from ExPed . 2 per day at altitude), and a variety of standard painkillers like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc. Two Sleeping bags: -40C/-30F Down 800 fill (Western Mountaineering, Mountain Hardwear). Some gears are compulsory for trekking. Down pants: These are an option in addition to prima loft pants, can be useful at higher camps. 2. Models with a lid (like a Tupperware) work well, as do lidless bowls and flatter "deep plate" models. You will live in your own tent at Base Camp, and will be sharing tents at Camps 1 – 4 on the mountain. Collapsible models can suffice, but must be handled very carefully to avoid unintended collapsing. Shipment: Rental items for climbs taking place outside of Washington are scheduled to ship two weeks prior to your trip departure. The Finnish manufacturer is listed there. Check out our write-ups here to learn more. Gear and Supplies. Due to weight & care in the mountain environment, large dSLR cameras are discouraged. Arc’teryx and Osprey also have good lightweight packs. Lightweight pants: One pair (any brand Supplex or “stretch woven” pant). Remove the stuff that you don't need. You will need two sleeping bags, and they both should be warm. Water purification tablets: Such as Potable Aqua brand iodine tablets. To help you get a head start we have compiled an easy to navigate and complete list of what you will need for the typical Everest Base Camp Trek and similar treks in the region.. Whether you need hiking boots for the trails, that Patagonia fleece for the date, Mountain Hardwear jackets, or Millet boots for the big hill, EverestGear.com is the place for you. For climbs in Washington, payment will be taken at your gear check and no security deposit will be required. What is the Everest Base Camp trekking gear list? Lightweight long underwear bottoms: (Patagonia Capilene, REI, Mountain Equipment Co-op). FREE Ground Shipping on orders over $49.00 (Patagonia, REI, Mountain Equipment Co-op). Lightweight, comfortable running or walking shoes are recommended for off-mountain use and pre-and-post trip travel. General mountaineering tool. For any approaches across dry trail. Alpine Ascents reserves the right to withhold all or part of your security deposit for the replacement or repair of damaged items. Everest Gear List • With passport, cash, travel documents (travel itinerary and hotel vouchers if overnighting en route), and pen. If you have questions about the suitability of your crampons for your trip, call or email the Gear Department. Most items are required. Some people layer a very thin Capilene Balaclava under a thicker fleece one. If you plan to bring your own pre-tied prussiks, please contact the Gear Department ahead of time. The guide is by no means definitive in that you have to pack everything listed. Optional. Expedition weight underwear bottoms: Dark colors are preferable because they do not show dirt. In some situations, these may also serve as approach shoes. ... Brief gear list. Your Everest Expedition will take place over a 7 – 9 week period in Nepal. To help you plan your Everest Base Camp Trek, here’s our complete packing list guide for both men and women featuring a list of travel essentials that you need for the trek. An internal frame climbing/trekking pack of approximately 32-40 liters in carrying capacity. Harness: Alpine style, you should not have to step through leg loops to put it on and off, lightweight, fully adjustable (Black Diamond). The guide is by no means definitive in that you have to pack everything listed. Mount Everest North Side Rapid Ascent Expedition Equipment List 2018 ... expensive, but you can often find great sales online and at your local gear store. We recommend models with a durable leather palm. Follow this list carefully: two (2) large oval wiregate carabiners; two (2) smaller wiregate carabiners; one (1) large pear-shaped locking screwgate carabiner; one (1) large locking carabiner (can be auto-locking). You may also want to bring a second down jacket for convenience. You will want exactly the right climbing hardware for your climb. info@nepaleverestguide.com nepaleverestguide@gmail.com +977 9849 … Goretex Pro Shell or a similar eVent fabric will offer the most durability and long-term weather protection. Include any prescription travel meds that might be prescribed by your doctor (antibiotics, Diamox, sleep aids). > Everest Base Camp Trekking Gear List While Everest Base Camp Trek on the south side of Mount Everest, you will follow in the footsteps of climbing legends, including Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, who made history in 1953 as the first people to reach the summit of the world’s tallest peak. We recommend a hooded model. This list is courtesy of our friends at Alpine Ascents International. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are absolutely essential to helping to deal with altitude headaches. Collapsible or hard-sided models can work well. Shaft should not have a rubber grip. Check the fit inside your boots, and be sure to bring new socks. 740-587-1490. Optional. Running shoes and/or trail shoes: For travel & easy walking. I won’t be going over gear that you would need for a winter or summer trek as those options are just not as popular or frequented. Please note that toe warmers are different than hand warmers. Alternatively, many opt to use a smartphone camera. Shop by summit for your upcoming climb of Mt.

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