Bony Cartoon 15 – Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine


Why do house chores cause more herniated discs?

Dr. Spine, would you like to taste the food that I cooked?

You’re doing household chores. What is happening with you?

My mom’s disc has been extruded because of household chores… but chores that require lots of physical strength was my father’s job.
I don’t know why this only happened to my mom.

Scrubbing the floor and washing the dishes, give burden to the discs because it requires the lower back to constantly bend and extend. Eventually, the disc protrudes.

Hasn’t your mother’s knee-joint thickened?

Have you met my mother before? How did you know?

When you do household chores, you bend and extend the knee, right? In order to cope with the damage in the joint from constant friction, the bones become larger by creating a bony spur-like thorn, and cause the joint to become thicker.

My mom told me it was menopause.

Generally, women have weaker bones, joints, muscles and ligaments compared to men. During menopause, the bone becomes weaker as the female hormones decrease.
Household chores increase the possibility of pain on disc and joints.

So Bony, be good to your mother!

Yes, I will do better! Love you Mom! Love you too, Dad!