Internship Opportunity
Participants waiting outside the cemetery to begin their service

Cemetery Testimony 3

Whitney Peng

Emory College ‘21

Last friday, we paid a visit to the Seoul National Cemetery. It has been a long time since I last visited a cemetery, and it was definitely one of those places that brings up reverence and retrospection.

We left at around 8:45 in the morning from the hospital, and together with us were a group of grandmas and a couple young individuals. Before our volunteer service, we paid our respect by walking up to the big monument and bowed in front of the monument for three times. We also gave a moment of silence to these soldiers who had served the country with their lives.

volunteers paying respects to passed soldiers in the cemetery

After we paid our respect, we went inside the cemetery and began our volunteer service. We started by taking out the vases near the headstones, then we cleaned the headstone with clothes and pick up any weed nearby. Headstone is pretty clean to start with, indicating that the family members had recently came and showed their respect to the heroes who passed away. It makes me warm hearted to see all volunteers working with such effort to make this cemetery clean and beautiful. We have shown our respect and aspiration through our service and hardwork.

Because we had a large crowd of volunteers, we finished the service much faster than expected. We gathered together for lunch afterward and headed back to the office for more work in the afternoon. It was a very interesting experience having to do service in Seoul National Cemetery. I felt the unity of this country just by seeing how much they care about the ones who have served during war time. It was also a refreshing experience to get out early in the morning and tour around the cemetery with all the other volunteers. It was a beautiful day, and we had made it better with the work we did!