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Dr. Joon-Shik Shin Gives Lecture on Korean medicine treatment to the Qatar Armed Forces Command

Dr. Joon-Shik Shin of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine gave a lecture on Korean medicine to the Qatar Armed Forces outlining the strengths and excellence of Korean medicine treatment.


Invited by the Qatar Armed Forces Command, Dr. Shin gave a lecture on Korean medicine treatments to over 100 army doctors and nurses in Doha, Qatar on April 29th (local time).

Dr. Shin lectured on the effects and underlying principles of non-surgical Korean medicine treatments such as Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment (MSAT) and SJS Non-resistance Technique. To facilitate understanding of the Qatar army doctors who are relatively unfamiliar with Korean medicine treatments, Dr. Shin prepared audiovisual materials showcasing actual patient cases. The lecture on the effects of MSAT was particularly well-received by the army doctors.


“Korean medicine treatments are associated with low incidence of side effects and its swift pain relieving properties are especially effective for those who experience frequent musculoskeletal pain due to high levels of activity and overuse, such as athletes or soldiers.” Dr. Shin said. “Korean medicine treatment not only helps treat musculoskeletal disorders but also prevents them, and has high potential and merit to be effectively and widely used in clinical practice for various conditions.”

The army doctors of the Qatar Armed Forces Command continued discussions on the value of the Korean medicine treatments even after the lecture due to their high interest in the techniques.

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine and the Qatar Army Forces Command have agreed to engage in further discussions on improving Qatar’s healthcare services and establishing a long-term working relationship to explore venues for further collaboration.

Also, from the 27th to the 29th, Dr. Shin went on to treat around 30 military and family members at Qatar Military Medical Specialty Center using Korean medicine treatment. The patient list primarily consisted of failed back surgery syndrome patients who had previously undergone surgery for spinal disc herniation or spinal stenosis but continued to suffer from pain or disability, and also included patients with peripheral facial nerve palsy and post-stroke patients.


The Qatar Armed Forces Command expressed great satisfaction with the Korean medicine treatments and Dr. Shin’s lecture. They discussed potential methods for future collaboration, including sending patients for treatment to Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine and implementing Korean medicine treatment training sessions for the Qatar Armed Forces Command medical staff.

Meanwhile, preliminary talks of invitations from the Qatar Armed Forces Command were made during a medical treatment session in Qatar at the Qatar HealthCare Symposium held last January and in a meeting at ‘Medical Korea 2019’ in Korea held by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare last March. Through these visits and meetings with Jaseng, the Qatar Armed Forces Command has expressed their continued interest in Korean medicine treatments.