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Dubai MBRU medical students participate in Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine’s global internship program


Medical students from Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) in Dubai recently traveled to Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine to take part in the global internship program. These students participated in a two-week internship program to learn about Korean medicine.

This global internship program was attended by seven prospective doctors with high academic achievement and bright futures. MBRU is the first medical school in Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and aims to be a global hub for innovative, integrated medical education and research. Medical students participating in the global Internship observe various medical treatments, tour several facilities and hospitals, and listen to lectures including basic Korean medicine theory, Chuna Manual Therapy, MSAT, and the system of medical education.


MBRU medical students were interested in both the practice of MSAT, an acupuncture treatment for relieving acute pain, and the prescription and efficacy of herbal medicine. In addition, they showed great interest in Jaseng’s successful implementation of integrative treatment. They were especially curious and were filled with questions about ‘Integrative Treatment by the Western doctor and Korean medicine doctor’, which was selected as the best example of the government’s second stage pilot project for the cooperation of Western and Korean medicine. ‘Integrative Treatment by the Western doctor and Korean medicine doctor’ is an integrative medical system where both specialist physicians such as Western rehabilitation doctors, Korean rehabilitation doctors, and radiologists are gathered in one place to communicate with patients and make the best treatment plans by working together.

MBRU chose Jaseng’s global internship program so that their students have an opportunity to develop as medical professionals by recognizing the efficacy of Korean medicine treatment and to seek further cooperation between Western and Korean medicine. This is the first time that medical students in Dubai have visited South Korea to study Korean medicine, indicating increasing interest in Korean medicine internationally. Jaseng hopes that Korean medicine will expand widely to overseas physicians through this global internship, laying the foundation for a Korean medicine wave in the near future.


Dr. Jinho Lee, a medical director at Jaseng, said, “We tried to improve the quality of education of the MBRU medical students who came from so far away to learn about Korean medicine,  a practice unfamiliar to them.”