Handwritten Testimonials

[TMJ] Headaches Disappeared after TMJ treatment.

  • Patient Name : Sae-Young Lee (27)
  • Disorder : TMJ dysfunction
  • Doctor : Jae-Joong Kim

Headaches Disappeared after TMJ treatment.


I suffered from TMJ dysfunction for about 5 years. I received treatment at a dental clinic, and an orthopedics clinic but failed to see any improvement. Just when I was about to give up I came across Jaseng Hospital while searching the Internet to find a hospital for my mother’s Spinal Stenosis.


When I entered the Hospital homepage I saw not only did they treat spinal disorders but they treated TMJ dysfunction as well, so I decided to visit Jaseng with my mother to receive treatment.


At first I was a little hesitant to come because of the long distance from my home, but I finally came during my summer vacation.


I received TMJ treatment while my mother received spine treatment. On my first visit I received acupuncture and chuna manipulation. After about one month of receiving treatment, the unusual sounds in my jaw diminished, and the frequent headaches that I had disappeared. Loyally doing the home exercises that Dr. Kim taught me helped my posture to improve, and even the shape of my face is better. Lately many have said that I have gotten prettier, and I can’t help wonder if it’s because of my improved face shape.


If I ever come across anyone suffering from TMJ dysfunction, I will definitely introduce him or her to Jaseng Hospital.