Handwritten Testimonials

[TMJ] Healing Chronic Fatigue, a, Neck Pain through TMJ Treatment.

  • Patient Name : Sung-Hyun Choi (16)
  • Disorder : TMJ dysfunction
  • Doctor : Jae-Joong Kim

Healing Chronic Fatigue, a, Neck Pain through TMJ Treatment.


A year prior to beginning my treatment at Jaseng I suffered from chronic neck pain as if my neck was paralyzed, chronic fatigue, numbness in my hand and rhinitis. Prior to visiting Jaseng I visited a local orthopedics clinic and took an X-ray, but after reviewing my film the doctor diagnosed me to have straight neck and stated that it wasn’t a big problem. I even received physical therapy for a month, and acupuncture treatments at a local clinic but it didn’t have any effect. On the other hand, after coming to Jaseng and receiving a thorough examination the doctor diagnosed me to have something none of the other hospitals had even mentioned, TMJ dysfunction.


Today, 6 months following my first treatment at Jaseng, I no longer have chronic fatigue, rhinitis, and my chronic neck pain has disappeared. I have no difficulties in my daily living. Throughout my treatment period, I not only received TMJ treatment, but Dr. Kim had always been so kind and willing to consult with me. I was even taught exercises I could do on my own at home to help the healing process. Through my visits with Dr. Kim even my crooked attitude has been sorryed to be more affirmative, and due to the disappearance of my symptoms my body is much more comfortable and my mind frame has become eased.


I would like to truly thank Dr. Kim and his nurse, and I have realized because I am the only owner of my health, I must take care of it.


Although our paths crossed for a short time I will always remember Dr. Kim and his nurse and will always be grateful.