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Dr. Joon-Shik Shin Gives Webinar on Korean Medicine for Soldiers, Physicians and Nurses of the United States Department of Defense


On June 27, Dr. Joon-Shik Shin, honorary chairman of Jaseng Medical Foundation, conducted a lecture on non-invasive treatments and Korean medicine to 600 medical professionals in the US, including physicians, nurses, and pharmacists who support and care for U.S. active-duty service members, reserve soldiers, military veterans and their families. The talk was part of programming by the Defense Health Agency (DHA) which is a subsidiary of the United States Department of Defense. The lecture was filmed at the JS Tower, the annex building of Jaseng Hospital of Korean medicine, located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and was aired online in real time through the DHA remote lecture program.

Dr. Shin’s lecture was entitled Promising Practices in Pain Management Using Complementary Alternative Medicine. He introduced non-invasive methods and principles such as Chuna manual therapy, MSAT and SJS Non-resistance technique for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders including cervical disc herniation (neck disc), back pain, and frozen shoulder. In addition, Jaseng provided videos which showed actual cases to enhance the understanding of the American attendees. In addition to Dr. Shin’s lecture, the broadcast featured some of the world’s other top medical scholars presenting the latest clinical research like Dr. Steven Cohen, a professor at Johns Hopkins Hospital at Baltimore and Dr. Michael Kelley, a professor at the Duke Cancer Institute and the National Program Director for Oncology at Virginia.

Since the DHA is responsible for the health of 1.35 million U.S. soldiers, this seminar’s acknowledgment of the effectiveness of Korean medicine is particularly meaningful. The DHA is a joint, integrated combat support agency established to provide a medically ready force to in both peace time and wartime.

The DHA is interested in Korean medicine and non-invasive treatments to relieve pain and restore function quickly, particularly for musculoskeletal disorders that occur frequently during wartime operations. Indeed, since 2016, the US military has confirmed that acupuncture treatment reduces the use of analgesics and is effective in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Due to these results, the US military is actively introducing acupuncture into the battlefield.

DHA currently runs the ‘Clinical Communities Speakers Series’ (CCSS), a continued education (CE) accredited remote lecture program, to improve the care that healthcare professionals deliver. The CCSS invites medical professionals to lecture on the best medical research and practices. As the first lecturer with a Korean medicine degree ever to appear in the CCSS, Dr. Shin and his lecture received significant attention from the DHA.



“In recent years, the damage caused by narcotic analgesics prescribed for chronic pain has become a serious social problem in the United States, so there is a growing interest in Korean medicine, which has the advantages of immediate pain relief and fewer side effects,” said Dr. Joon-Shin Shin, honorary chairman of Jaseng Medical Foundation. “We will continue to make efforts to make Korean medicine, which has been passed down through experience and verification for a long time, to be recognized and expand worldwide”.