Community Outreach

I found happiness in Korea. I will never be unhappy again!

Dr. Shin, Joon-Shik, founder of Jaseng Medical Foundation, lectured at

The lecture hall was filled with experts in the field of spinal disorders and patients suffering from spinal conditions. Among these people was our second Share Medicine guest.


Narantsetseg had, in an attempt to save a child from a car accident, had injuries to the pelvis and spine that caused severe pain for 14 years. She could not walk on her own, and had to sustain herself on crutches. She had two children, but could not hug them, nor hold them in her arms. Jaseng decided to help her.

Narantsetseg and her mother came to Korea in December 2014, and Narantsetseg was admitted to our inpatient clinic for care. MRI images of her spine showed that she had 2 discs that had slipped and were compressing her nerves. Rehabilitation specialists, both in Korean Medicine and conventional medicine, came together to provide Narantsetseg the best available care possible. Within just one week, Narantsetseg showed significant improvement. She could even walk without her crutches!


After 2 weeks of intensive care at Jaseng, Narantsetseg “felt so happy because I feel so much better and energetic. I have less emotional stress, and so much less pain”. She burst into tears. Her attending physician, Dr. Kim Ha-Neul and her interpreter/coordinator Ms. Zolzayat congratulated her for her improvement.

Kudos to Narantsetseg!  Jaseng wishes you all the best!