Handwritten Testimonials

[Spine] I have no pain, and can behave almost as normal

  • Patient Name : Jacob Hoornstra
  • Disorder : Cervical disk herniation
  • Doctor : Dr. Raimund Royer

The current Nuclear Summit is held now here in the Netherlands, and this summit triggered my mail to you. It was two years ago that the summit was in Seoul, and during my visit, I was consulting you, while Mrs. Erdogan of Turkey also was there!


I want to let know that I am doing very well with my neck. I have no pain, and can behave almost as normal. Meaning I can play water polo, and doing so the last two seasons we became champion of the league, and now play against even younger guys.


I also was able to stop the incidental physiotherapy last year. What most probably helps in my condition now too, is that I am in the process of retiring, so less computer work and less stress (especially in my neck and shoulders).


Anyway, I want to thank you for your help, and especially for the quick responses in getting consultancy during the short visits I had in Seoul. Unfortunately my travelling will be limited now, but having made friends also with people in Seoul, I am sure I will be able to visit the lovely hospital in Seoul still in the future. Thanks again, and all the best,