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International Healthcare Professionals Visit Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine

Jaseng welcomed a group of international healthcare professionals from 10 different countries on November 23rd, 2018. The meeting was arranged by Pusan National University, School of Korean Medicine, and the National Development Institute of Korean Medicine (NIKOM).


해외 10개국 보건의료전문가로 구성된 연수단이 자생한방병원을 방문해 기념사진을 촬영하고 있다


The group consisted of 13 healthcare professionals including  college professors, public officials and associate directors from the U.S., Germany, Australia, and Greece. Professionals including Aaron Schindler, the President of the Minnesota Acupuncture Association and Konstantina Theodorato, the President of the Greek Acupuncture Association, visited Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine to learn more about Korean medicine and its noninvasive treatment methods.


The visit consisted of an introduction and tour of the hospital facilities including the Korean Medicine consultation rooms, Jaseng International Clinic, and the conventional medicine Diagnostics Center. Throughout the tour, the group was able to learn in depth about the principles, efficacy, and academic achievements of Korean medicine . Moreover, they were able to experience the clinical environment and observe how various medical devices are applied in actual clinical practice at Jaseng. Specifically, the group was most interested in the fact that many musculoskeletal patients were able to reach full recovery through treatment with noninvasive, Korean medicine treatment methods. Some of the healthcare professionals were also given the opportunity to experience Jaseng treatment firsthand which covered such treatments as acupuncture, Chuna manual therapy, and cupping.


자생한방병원 김하늘 국제진료센터장이 해외 10개국 보건의료전문가로 구성된 연수단에게 한방 치료법에 대해 설명하고 있다


“I have been suffering from persistent neck pain , and the pain reduced significantly after receiving Chuna therapy,” says Aaron Schindler, a licensed acupuncturist and the President of the Minnesota Acupuncture Association. “If information were to be provided to patients in detail with further policy support, I see Korean medicine having the potential to grow globally.”


“We hope that this visit will help promote Korean medicine worldwide,” says Dr. Jinho Lee, Medical Director of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine. “Through these activities, we hope to contribute to raising the international awareness of and familiarity towards Korean medicine.”


자생한방병원 김하늘 국제진료센터장이 보건의료전문가 연수단 중 한 명에게 추나요법을 실시하고 있다