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Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine conducts medical service trips for Kyrgyzstani patients

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine (Medical Director Dr. Jinho Lee) conducted its regular nationwide Korean medicine medical service trips across Kyrgyzstan over a period of 10 days from September 25th to October 4th.




Jaseng medical staff led by Dr. Ha-Neul Kim visited Bishkek, the capital and largest city of the Kyrgyz Republic, along with several other regions, covering Chuy, Issyk-Kul, and Talas, treating more than 200 patients suffering from various musculoskeletal disorders with integrative Korean medicine treatments, including such treatments as acupuncture and Chuna manual therapy. Physicians of Jaseng International Clinic have been granted full practice rights for Korean medicine treatment since 2017 after obtaining Kyrgyzstani medical licenses.


This visit marked Jaseng’s 8th medical service trip to Kyrgyzstan. Since June 2017, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has conducted regular medical service trips to Kyrgyzstan every 3 months providing much needed Korean medicine medical services to local patients. An estimated 1,540 local patients have received Korean medicine treatments and their satisfaction and familiarity with Korean medicine have been steadily increasing.


“I experienced Korean medicine treatment for the first time at Jaseng’s last medical service trip for my back pain, and it was so effective that I came back again. I hope that more opportunities to receive Korean medicine treatment will be made available in the future.” says Alezander Mihailov, a local patient who made a return visit to Jaseng clinic.




Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has built strong ties over the years with Kyrgyzstan. The signing of an MOU on academic exchange and joint research at the request of the President Hospital of Kyrgyzstan in February 2015 marked the start and has served as momentum of this mutual partnership. In 2017, the Promotion Center of Korean Medicine was established by Jaseng at the President Hospital of Kyrgyzstan in conjunction with the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare and Korea Health Industry Development Institute, and as of last year, Jaseng has been operating a Korean medicine clinic in Ergene Hospital, a local private hospital, additionally providing training on Korean medicine treatments to medical personnel. Jaseng hopes to contribute to health policy in Kyrgyzstan and provide a cornerstone for further advancement of Korean medicine in Central Asia through such collaborative activities.


“Jaseng hopes to doubly contribute to the South Korean government’s new Northern Cooperation Policy and strengthen Jaseng’s international standing through continuous promotion of Korean medicine,” says Dr. Ha-Neul Kim, Director of Jaseng International Clinic. “We aim to develop an exemplary model for international promotion of Korean medicine and apply it widely to various Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan and Mongolia with the expertise and knowledge that we have gained from our experience in Kyrgyzstan.”


Jaseng intends to continue to take the lead in globalization of Korean medicine through its collaborative efforts with Jaseng’s non-invasive treatment methods, providing Jaseng treatment methods to patients domestically and overseas.


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