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Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine publishes an English version of ‘Herniated Spinal Discs Absorb Better’ with the interest of Arkansas College of Health Education

A book titled “Herniated Spinal Discs Absorb Better” published in 2017 by Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine (Medical Director Jinho Lee) and Jaseng Spine and Joint Research Institute (Director In Hyuk Ha) was published in English with the interest of universities in the United States.




The publication of the English version of ‘Herniated Spinal Discs Absorb Better’ was made when the Arkansas University of Health Education (ACHE) became interested in the Korean version of book. ACHE paid attention to various clinical cases for a herniated disc in the lower back (lumbar disc herniation), the scientific verification process of non-invasive spinal treatment in Korean medicine, and a collaborative system of between Korean medicine and allopathic medicine which are all combined in a book. In particular, they considered that it was worth introducing as a health guide for U.S. citizens in that it was easily written to get understood the causes and common sense of disc disorders.

Jaseng Medical Academy, an institution for international medical education of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, translated the existing Korean version into English and finally published it under the editorial supervision of a professor at AHCE. This English version is sold in bookstores in the United States, online bookstores such as Amazon and Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia.




Introducing the know-how of Jaseng’s non-invasive spinal treatment… Arkansas College of Health Education “It is worth being a health guide for Americans”

The English version of “Herniated Spinal Discs Absorb Better” introduces the know-how of non-invasive spinal treatment that Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has been practicing for over 30 years while focusing on cases, which makes it easy for anyone to understand. In addition, in the treatment of spinal disorders, it is expected that the options for medical services can be broadened in that Korean medicine’s non-invasive treatment with less side effects is presented as an alternative to Americans suffering from side effects of surgery and prescription of narcotic pain medication.

“It can be seen that the non-invasive spinal treatment of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is attracting attention in an advanced medical country such as the United States as the book was published through deep interest and collaboration with the ACHE,” says Dr. JinHo Lee, Medical Director of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine. “I hope that the English version of’ it will be used as guide to spine health for Americans.”


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