Internship Opportunity

Medical Volunteer 2

Lucy De La Cruz
University of Mississippi ’20

In mid July, we participated in a medical outreach event which lasted 2 days and one night. The event took place south of Seoul, so we took a bus there. It was about a 2 hour ride. When we got there we had lunch and then went to the designated location to help set up.


We helped by taking some boxes upstairs, unwrapping chairs, and setting up beds for the patients. We placed blankets over the tables so the patients could feel more comfortable.


We also helped in the pharmacy section by categorizing each medicine and placing them into bags for the patients to take after their consultation or treatment. The next day, we woke up early to have breakfast and then to prepare for the people who would come. I was a bit nervous in the beginning since I knew there would be a language barrier, however, I tried my best to use simple phrases such as 이쪽으로 오세요, 네, and 감사합니다. The elderly that we served were very nice. Some of them thanked me and I felt like even though we could not communicate too well, that we could still understand each other somehow.


The acupuncture room was separated into male and female. I was in charge of leading the female guests into the room.
There were around 200 people who participated in the event that day. I noticed that most of the patients were elderly women. There was also a place to get your photographs taken, which surprised me because it included hair and makeup. The usual procedure of a patient was to come in, get a spot in line for a photography session (optional), wait to get your blood pressure taken, wait for a 1 on 1 consultation with the doctor, move on to acupuncture, and then pick up the medicine that was necessary.
What amazed me was that although there were only 2 doctors and 2 nurses, we were all able to work together to help those who came for treatment.