Internship Opportunity
Jaseng experience Dr. Carlos Chapa

Meeting Dr. Shin was a dream come true. Why? For so many reasons. – By Dr. Carlos Chapa

Dr. Carlos Chapa, OMD, L.Ac, Ph.D

I have been following Jaseng and Dr. Shin for many years. I first heard about him from researching the internet and Youtube.
I was fascinated by what I saw. Nothing in school, nothing in my studies, and nothing I had seen in China came close to what I saw happening at Jaseng with Dr. Shin. The results were amazing. There were significant MRI changes and the faces and smiles were…priceless.

Yes, Dr. Shin is one of the most knowledgeable and smartest doctors I have ever met. However what truly impressed me was how he started with a single clinic where he saw and treated an incredible and almost unimaginable amount of patients per day.
He was even in the Guinness Book of World Records! WOW. Within ten years he opened up a Korean Medical Hospital. His vision, his dreams, and his goals impressed me the most.

Jaseng experience Dr. Carlos Chapa

When I met Dr. Shin in Los Angeles I was star struck. I had no idea what to expect; however, I was happy simply meeting him. When Dr. Shin invited me to Korea I was not sure if he was being serious or just being nice. I did not want to get my hopes high because I knew what a busy and important man he was and for him to invite a young doctor from Dallas, Texas to visit was almost too good to be true. I had already seen many of his videos on the internet and had an idea of what he could do and how his clinics and hospitals were run, but to actually be there was completely different. I had no idea of the degree of success he had established until I went to Korea. Having him personally teach me Korean medicine was like Michael Jordan teaching someone to shoot a basketball or Tiger Woods showing someone how to play golf. At the same time, it was like meeting the President of the United States (not this one, Obama!) or even the pope himself!

I tried to learn as much as I could and I would cling onto each and every word. It is one thing to see Dr. Shin treat patients on the internet, however, seeing it in person was a totally different experience. Jaseng Hospital and its wonderful doctors were definitely the best doctors I have witnessed. I have traveled all throughout the US and in different parts of China and Korea and Jaseng took everything to another level. Not only are the doctors at Jaseng extremely smart and knowledgeable on both Eastern and Western medicine but each doctor I met was very passionate which is not easy to find. I was very impressed by the use of dual practices and extremely impressed that each and every Korean doctor had an excellent foundation in Western medicine.

Even though I was only there a few days, I saw and witnessed amazing things. I witnessed many patients, showing stress on their faces, who were barely able to walk into the hospital and within minutes….. they would walk out with a smile. This is priceless. Most Western nations have no idea of the potential of Korean medicine.

internship_Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine

I may not be the best physician, but I consider myself passionate about helping my patients and about Korean medicine.
After meeting Dr. Shin, I was inspired. When I returned back home from Korea, I immediately took several classes in advanced anatomy and physiology and reading X-rays and MRIs. I’ve also have taken several classes for advanced blood work and I even enrolled (and finished) a naturopathic doctorate degree. I did not have to do this; however, I was inspired by my Korean trip and wanted to learn as much as possible. This naturopathic degree is a bridge for my patients so they understand and realize that I do not only see the body through Eastern medicine.

I hope to continue the relationship with Dr. Shin and Jaseng hospital and hopefully return sooner than later. Since meeting Dr. Shin, I also have started taking weekly private Korean language lessons taught by a university professor in Dallas. I have a long way to go until I can become fluent but each week takes me one step closer. Even if I do not return to the hospital and train with Dr. Shin, it has changed my life. I will continue to grow and continue to study and help as many patients as possible. My dream is for most Americans to become familiar with Acupuncture, Korean Medicine, and to really get to know Jaseng Hospital and Dr. Shin.