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Michigan State University gives honorary doctorate to Shin Joon-Sik Chairman [May 8th, 2017]

자생의료재단 신준식 이사장, 미국 미시건주립대서 명예 박사학위 수여-1


Shin Joon-Sik, Chairman of the Jaseng Medical Foundation received an honorary doctorate from an American University in recognition for international exchange and research on Korean medicine.

Chairman Shin Joon-Sik received an honorary doctor of science degree at the 2017Spring graduation ceremony of the Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

Chairman Shin, the founder of the Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine specialized in non-surgical spine and joint treatment in Korea was recognized for contributions to the globalization and research development of non-surgical Korean medicine treatments.


자생의료재단 신준식 이사장, 미국 미시건주립대서 명예 박사학위 수여-2


In particular, since 2012, Chairman Shin has been invited to the Michigan State University to conduct lectures on Korean medicine to osteopathic doctors. In 2015, as Korean medicine was designated as a curriculum for the American Academy of Osteopathy, lecture on Motion Style Acupuncture Therapy (MSAT) was given to over 200 American physicians, showing the excellence of Korean traditional medicine.

He also contributed to the development of Korean medicine research by publishing researches about herniated vertebral discs on renown international medical journals such as ‘Pain’, ‘Spine’ by establishing the Jaseng Spine and Joint Research Institute.


자생의료재단 신준식 이사장, 미국 미시건주립대서 명예 박사학위 수여-3


“The remarkable achievements in the field of non-surgical spine treatments performed by Dr. Shin have had positive impact on human health world widely”, said Lou Anna K. Simon, the president of Michigan State University. “This honorary doctoral degree would be a good example and motivation for Michigan State University students.” she said.

Along with this, the American medical community proposed international cooperation for clinical and joint research on Chuna therapy at the point of the beginning of a demonstration project on insurance payment of Chuna therapy.


미국정골의사협회와 대한척추신경추나의학회, 자생의료재단이 국제 학술 교류 증진을 위한 업무협약(MOU)


Prior to the ceremony, the American Academy of Osteopathy, the Korean Society of Chuna Manual Medicine for Spine and Nerves, and the Jaseng Medical Foundation made an agreement on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to promote international academic exchanges.


미국정골의사협회와 대한척추신경추나의학회, 자생의료재단이 국제 학술 교류 증진을 위한 업무협약(MOU)-2


Through this business agreement, each institution will conduct [exchanges in education and research, academic information, clinical fellows exchange, joint research for education and research, and Osteopath doctor –Korean Medicine doctor treatment cooperation are planned.


미국정골의사협회와 대한척추신경추나의학회, 자생의료재단이 국제 학술 교류 증진을 위한 업무협약(MOU)-3


“I am honored to receive a doctorate from the Michigan State University, that leads the osteopathic medicine in the United States” said Chairman Shin, “As the interest on Korean medical treatments such as acupuncture or Chuna manipulation therapy in American medical community has increased recently, I will do my best to spread Korean medicine in the future” he said.

Meanwhile, the Michigan State University is a research-oriented prestigious public university with undergraduate and graduate programs in 17 colleges including Osteopathy, Engineering and Law.