Handwritten Testimonials

[TMJ] Now, I can live without painkiller.

  • Patient Name : Myung-Hwa Choi (25)
  • Disorder : TMJ dysfunction
  • Doctor : Jae-Joong Kim

Now, I can live without painkiller.


I had pain in my jaw, and clicking sounds, but it didn’t hinder my daily routine. When I was 15, a local orthopedic doctor told me that I have to be careful with any crusty foods, and chewing gum. Therefore I had to give up some of my favourite foods. By chance, I saw the news report on TV about a cure for TMJ dysfunction with oriental medicine so I searched on the internet then I came across Jaseng.


After the first consultation I took the medicine for 2 months, received acupuncture and spinal manipulation once a week.


During the treatment period I felt my condition gradually improving. My frequent headaches steadily decreased, and I didn’t take painkillers even once during my treatment, which I used to take quite often.


The clicking sounds from my TMJ have almost completely disappeared. I received treatment from last October. However because of my personal character, the treatment period was longer than I expected. I tend to keep all agonies in my mind and I don’t know how to rid myself of my stresses.


It’s hard to change my personal character in one shot, but from now on I will try to think big and in positive ways, and I will also make a hard effort to do the exercises the doctor prescribed me.


I really appreciate all the doctor’s advices and also the nurse’s help. Thanks to everyone and take care.