Handwritten Testimonials

[TMJ] TMJ Dysfunction Accompanied by Migraines Completely Cured.

  • Patient Name : Pan-Shik Roh (42)
  • Disorder : TMJ dysfunction
  • Doctor : Jung-Chul Kim

TMJ Dysfunction Accompanied by Migraines Completely Cured.


In 2004, chewing on hard food for about 10 minutes caused my jaw to become sore and stiff. Soon after, whenever I would open my mouth (ex. Yawning) it was very difficult to close it, and I began having severe migraines which made it difficult for me to have a good night sleep.


I went to a local orthopedics clinic and received treatment but failed to see any improvement. In the mist of living an uncomfortable, after seeing an advertisement about treating TMJ dysfunction, I went on the Internet and searched for TMJ dysfunction treatment, and came across Jaseng Hospital. Due to being busy I visited Jaseng a few months after learning about it.


After receiving TMJ treatment from Dr. Kim for 3 months, I now am able to open my mouth without wide, yawn without worrying, and my migraines have disappeared.


I no longer have any discomfort in my daily living, and I would like to truly thank Dr. Kim and the Hospital staff.