Internship Opportunity
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Touring Jaseng’s Dispensaries

Amber Chen
University of Pennsylvania ‘18

Touring two of Jaseng’s dispensaries gave me a profound understanding of the care and dedication that Jaseng puts into its medications for its patients. Upon your first step into any Jaseng Herbal Dispensary, you can already smell the aroma of herbal medicines being brewed to perfection. The quality of care that each of the Jaseng workers put into their products demonstrate precision that will reassure anyone about the safety of these herbal medications.

jaseng heb system-1

The first dispensary we visited was located in Sungnam. The tour starts out with a cup of ssanghwa tea, a herbal tea designed to restore your energy and decrease stress and fatigue. While sipping your tea, you learn about Jaseng and its facilities, quality control methods, and delivery. The dispensaries take care of all lines of processing, including shipping out the final packages at the end by Jaseng’s own delivery team. After the initial introduction, you are given sanitary gowns to wear before you proceed to the 2nd floor where the walls are lined with carefully marked drawers filled with various herbs. There are people actively and accurately measuring out exact weights of herbs to fill specific prescriptions. The next room is the herb storage room which is temperature-controlled and filled with categorized herbs in packaging to protect them from any kind of dust or contaminant. The herbs are stored in their best conditions and maintained until filled for prescriptions. Upon entering the room and glancing at the signs, you can immediately realize that these herbs come from all over the world. Jaseng really specializes in making sure its patients receive the utmost personalized treatment. One of the most intriguing herbs are actually deer antlers imported from Russia!

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Going up another floor takes you into the herbal medicine extraction room. Before entering the room, you put on shoe covers to ensure sanitation once again. The room is filled with extraction machines labelled with each patient’s name and address. The contents of an entire machine belong to the specific prescription for a patient. The machines are hooked through a tubing system into a processor where individual packets are packaged and stored. After each patient’s medication is packaged and the system is ready for the next patient, the tubes are washed to once again ensure quality sanitation.

Lastly, we went to the final processing and packaging center where we had the opportunity to sample Yookgongdan just as it was coming out of the packaging machine. It was a squishy black substance wrapped in beautiful gold paper and surprisingly tasted just like candy! The packaging for Jaseng medication is always sterilized and every point of the process is checked and double checked. Even at the end, the packages go through one last heat sterilization to ensure that any dust is effectively eliminated right before being shipped off.

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Next, we visited the Namyangju facility, located another hour outside Seoul. Upon arriving, we were greeted once again with an herbal tea–this time one that was peach pink, cold, and citrusy, a perfect and healthy cool-down drink. We learned more about Jaseng’s facilities at this location and were soon adorned with sanitation coats and shoes to ensure the utmost quality for the processing herbs. As we walked through the facility, we were greeted with Nokyongtang, another herbal drink, and observed workers who were adorned head to toe in sanitary clothing. We learned of many new innovations at Jaseng, such an ultrasonic wave jar-sealing machine. In the chemistry lab, chemists are hard at work with multiple titrations set up, testing the pH of every herb that passes through Jaseng.

After these trips, I was in awe of the level of quality and care Jaseng puts into their herbal medications. Each facility maintained such a high level attention to every step of the process, from the initial screening to the packing and delivering. After a tour at the dispensary, it is easy to be reassured that the herbal medicine is of the highest quality, in its best condition, and personalized for every one of Jaseng’s patients.