Handwritten Testimonials

[Spine] We have recommended Jaseng to many of our friends and colleagues

  • Patient Name : Theresa M. Martinez
  • Disorder : straight neck, chronic fatigue
  • Doctor : Dr. Raimund Royer

My husband and I came to Jaseng for various reasons. I came primarily for neck pain and chronic fatigue, my husband for dizziness, arthritis in his toe and shoulder pain from a previous hockey injury. My pain was so severe I thought I had cervical stenosis and would require surgery. My husband was told the only way to relieve the pain in his toe was through surgery.


When we found Jaseng clinic on the internet and read it was a non-surgical approach to spinal and other conditions, we were a bit skeptical. We discussed our options, not knowing if our insurance would cover the expense, and decided to take the risks.


To our surprise, in less than three months, we are both pain free. I have much more energy and my husband’s dizziness is almost gone. We both have very stressful jobs working for the military. This requires us to be in top physical condition. Had we continued on the path that we were on, our jobs would have been in jeopardy. Not only are we now experiencing a much higher quality of life, we are also less fearful of our future.


We have recommended Jaseng to many of our friends and colleagues. We have also referred our family members in California to Jaseng. As another pleasant surprise, we just received payments from our insurance for some of the procedures. We will now continue to pursue reimbursement for the medication. My hope is that insurance companies realize they are saving a lot of money by covering every aspect of Jaseng treatment. Sincerely,